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Role: research, design, branding, system architecture

A year 2 University project to research and explain the context of an emerging technology. I decided to base my project on the Internet of Things (IoT). The project also looked into designing a specific digital product that utilises this technology. I decided to develop a parking application that uses the Internet of Things to identify every rentable car space in the world, all of which will be embedded with sensors and tags broadcasting their ID and availability status. The status of a specific car space is logged and recorded and sent to public databases, in which the application will have direct access to, and be able to utilise these records, to provide users with details about parking space availabilities.

picture of the website pebble home interiors


Role: front-end developer, server-side programming

This was a year 2 University project, commissioned by Badnoise Records, who needed a mobile web application that allowed users to log in and play a collection of songs from their associated artists and be able to rate these songs. The project consisted of both client-side front end coding and the necessary server-side back-end programming. Being a product that revolves online, the presentation of the application had to look contemporary. Likewise, I made sure I used the latest web technologies in HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery, to ensure the web application lasts into the future.

picture of the website pebble home interiors

Wine Merchant

Role: branding

Set by a well-established creative agency, Reading Room, they had a client that was looking for a new brand identity and matching website. Known by the name of Wine Merchant, they are one of the longest-serving, independent wine merchants in the trade, offering an exclusive wine collection that reaches out to over 150 agencies worldwide .This was set out as a group project, with my role as the lead brand designer, a lot of research went into looking at a mixture of wine brands, from modern ones, to matured ones, to ultimately come to a decision about the level of balance needed, to express this company restabilising themselves in the market.

picture of the website pebble home interiors


Role: branding, visual design

BIAS stands for Brunel Institute for Ageing studies, and are an organisation focused around pre-longing the life of older people. Through carrying out new research into the subject and through collaborating with other leading companies in the field. For BIAS I came up with a new brand, giving them a new logo to act as the face of their business. I also produced a web design solution that best appeals to their target audience, and sucessfully enforces their involvment with the topic.

picture of the website pebble home interiors


Role: UX, user research, mobile design

Styleit is a mobile application that I designed for a second year University project. The task was to come up with an app idea that appealed to a certain target audience, and successfully implemented the appropriate design patterns, generated by the market and user research. My idea was a consumer led, fashion selling, marketplace, which allows customers to sell their own fashion outfits and effectively build a reputation, while engaging the various buyers across the community.

picture of the website pebble home interiors

Flags Eternal

Role: web design, UX/UI, photographer

Flags Eternal is a small business that started in 2014. They sell good quality, handmade flags to a Christian community and needed a website to showcase their catalogue. As the web designer I had to ensure the design of the website was suitable for their customers and presented an easy to use navigation that allowed customers to browse the products.

picture of the website pebble home interiors


Role: web design/developer, UX/UI, photographer

Pebble had a website but needed a new online profile that provided a simpler layout. As creative director, I redesigned their website preparing the design plan, as well as developing the website using HTML, CSS and jQuery, to ensure the initial concept was finalised with a modern impression. It was also important to develop the site for mobile and tablet devices, to give customers greater flexibility, when it comes to finding their information on the go.

picture of a sandwich site built by Dominic Paul

Sandwich City

Role: web design, UX/UI, branding

A year 1 University project to develop a responsive sandwich ordering website, which incorporated a good knowledge of interaction design and usability. The objective being that users had to be able to pick, customise and build a sandwich from scratch and then be permitted to purchase this sandwich.

picture of a car website built by Dominic Paul


Role: web design, UI & Visual, Branding

Carhouse is a website I built with my own objectives. The main aim was to create a car website that had a simple layout and a navigation that echoed ease. In doing this I wanted to minimise the depth of the site, and allow users to get from the landing page to the deepest areas of the site in just a few clicks.

picture of a car website built by Dominic Paul

Street album

This album captures the different cultures and environments I've come into contact with. Trying to document the lifestyles people live, and comparing it to the lifestyles and cultures lived by someone else in a different community and different country.

picture of a car website built by Dominic Paul

Portrait album

This album makes use of photographing techniques such as negative space/positive space and the rule of thirds, to capture the persona of an individual, in attempt to expose their emotions and thoughts.

picture of a car website built by Dominic Paul

Surreal album

This album tries to present scenes that mix imagination with the real world, creating a setting that both questions and confuses.

picture of a car website built by Dominic Paul


Role: 3D design

A year 2 University project, with the objective of designing and building a 3D spaceship in 3D design software maya. For this project I decided to build a spaceship of my own design, influenced by technology, the purpose of this spaceship is to collect useful data throughout the universe. I built two versions of the spaceship, one low poly model to be used in games and one high poly model, to be used in films.