As a director, or someone organising a filming shoot, there are a hundred and one things that you must consider before picking up your camera and start filming. In the workshop today, we tried to note down all the different responsibilities and considerations carried out when scheduling for a shoot, and in my option I think we go through 1/3. Right now, I’ll attempt to list as many as I can:

- Type of equipment to use
- Time of day (shoot during the day or night)
- Location of shoot
- Accommodation of cast and crew
- Budget
- Script
- Weather
- Props
- Cast and Crew (who will the shoot need)
- Catering
- Health
- Hazards and Risks
- Contingency plans
- Insurance

All of these things and many more contribute to the scheduling of a shoot before anything is planned. Once these things are understood and put into motion, then the director, or whoevers filming can get their teeth stuck into the planning. As they’ll know their contingency plans, what catering staff they will use, how much they will cost and so forth. Therefore, planning will become a lot clearer, and will assure people when they are needed.