film editing

At the bottom of our hearts we all want to fly, being able to just take off at will and travel anywhere you wish. Yes, those that drive can just drive anywhere they want, but I’m sure we’d all agree that flying to a destination would be truly astonishing.

Well, I’m going to teach you how to fly. Perhaps not quite the literal way of jumping up in the air and flying through town, but from taking just two images you can definitely create a realistic scene of you levitating in mid air. Sounds easy enough don’t it.

If you’ve seen the picture at the top of the article, that’s the type of image I’m talking about, which can be created, with two photos and a little bit of Photoshop work.

All that is required is that you take a photograph of the background scene in which you want to fly. This could be the kitchen, the living room or even outside. Then, once you have photographed the setting, all you have to do is take another photograph of you posing. To make it easier, try to pose in a manner that would look realistic floating in mid air.

Also, to make the Photoshop work a little easier, try to pose in front of a white wall or a plain coloured background. This will make it easier to extract you from the background.

The next step is where the magic happens. Making you fly. By opening the two pictures into Photoshop, the only picture that you need to work on is the one of you posing. Through using the pen tool, or the lasso tool, carefully go round the outline of your body. Once this is done, you invert the selection, feather the edges and extract the background, leaving you in the middle of nowhere. All that’s left is to copy you into the scene of the other photograph and arrange yourself so you are floating above the ground.

This may seem like quite a lot of information, for someone who has little or no Photoshop experience, so I have added the YouTube video above, which shows these steps in action, so by all means use it as a guide. Plus there are thousands of good YouTube tutorials teaching the tools of Photoshop, which are great help. Good luck!