There is a term in photography called tilt and shift photography. It is a fun and creative way of making large-scale objects look miniature, replicating that of a toy. From this many artistic and beautiful scenes can be made.

Tilt and shift photography manipulates the depth-of-field, creating a very harsh blur around the frame, leaving a thin slice of the image in focus. This thin slice is the focal point, which will mimic that of a model toy. There are a few methods to accomplishing this, with one being the use of special tilt-and-shift lenses. But the effect can also be accomplished via post-production in Photoshop.

The first step in creating the tilt-and-shift effect in Photoshop requires you to select the area of the frame you want in focus. Then you apply the tilt and shift effect under the filter/blur menu. Then, to really enhance the effect of the subject looking like a toy, you then need to adjust the colour of the image by selecting the hue/saturation pallet. From here you increase the saturation until the subject appears to look plastic.

The video above is a tilt-and-shift video that I created and demonstrates how the effect can be achieved in Photoshop.