As a small project for University I was tasked to edit a short film, with the intention of incorporating the editing techniques discussed in my previous blogs.

My short-film edit

Continuity editing -

I have tried to edit this film with the 180-degree rule and shot/reverse shot in mind, with the main focus of the film drawn towards the conversation between the two characters. The close interest towards these two characters required consistency throughout the edit, making sure either character didn’t move sides. The result is that the woman is always seen positioned on the left, while the man is seen to always appear on the right. This is important because if the edit changed to a position that showed them in opposing locations then it would suggest that they swapped positions, confusing the audience as to why.

To enhance the opinions of either character I have used a sequence of shot/reverse shots, to show each character facial expression in response to what the other character is saying. This allows the audience to gather an insight, to how each character is feeling, and their stance within the argument.

Lighting –

As discussed in my lighting blog, I introduced the importance of colour temperature, and how colder and warmer temperatures can be used to impact the mood in a scene. I put this to effect, when editing this film, because I felt the film had a very cold and eerie feeling to it. So to invoke this feeling to viewers I decided to edit the colour balance of the film, until I achieved a darker and icier impression.

Sound –

Sound was a vital component in the edit of this film because it is a very intense scene, constantly evolving around the woman’s harsh and unpredictable interrogation methods. However, by viewing the scene without any added sound, the build up to the climax would not be as meaningful. So to create a dimension of fear and danger into the scene, I have added a subtle ambient sound in the background, to remind viewers that something is coming. Then whenever the actions of the characters heat up, I have added a more dramatic sound to mimic this.