Videos, images, files, they all take up an enormous amount of space. This is especially the case with video footage, which can consume gigabytes of memory in minutes. So it is important that the video is compressed before it is distributed

Montage Editing

Probably one of the first theorists of film and cinema was Lev Kuleshov, who brought new insight into the world of motion graphics. He conducted his own study group named the “Kuleshov workshop”, attracting the more radical and innovative f

Tilt and Shift Photography

There is a term in photography called tilt and shift photography. It is a fun and creative way of making large-scale objects look miniature, replicating that of a toy. From this many artistic and beautiful scenes can be made. How it’s ach

Film Edit: Payback

As a small project for University I was tasked to edit a short film, with the intention of incorporating the editing techniques discussed in my previous blogs. My short-film edit Continuity editing - I have tried to edit this film with

Micro-Features in The Matrix

These features work together to form the language of a film and play an essential role within the generation of meaning for the film’s audience. I am going to make a short analysis highlighting the use of micro-features in the film Matri

Continuity Editing

So what is Continuity editing? Well, in a nutshell, it is the fine art of cutting between shots, with a purpose of maintaining a smooth sense of continuous space and time. The effect of this creates a sequence of invisible cuts. Majority of


Every film we watch has been filmed and strung together through the eyes of a filmmaker. A few weeks ago, in a workshop at University, we were given a task requiring us to visualise a script. We didn’t know which film it was for, so it forc

Lighting a Scene

Colour temperature is an interesting topic and one that is actually quite confusing. If you look at the picture above, you will see a gradient that changes from red to blue. This gradient chart demonstrates the wide range of kelvin tempera

Sound is Cool

The video above is an audio frequency test, which is measured in hertz and is determined by pitch. It is acknowledged that the human ear is capable of detecting a wide range of sound frequencies, approximately ranging between 20 Hz and 20 0

Levitation in Photoshop

At the bottom of our hearts we all want to fly, being able to just take off at will and travel anywhere you wish. Yes, those that drive can just drive anywhere they want, but I’m sure we’d all agree that flying to a destination would be tru

The Impact Editing has on Film

Editing is probably the most powerful component, when it comes to establishing a particular interpretation on a film. Giving the filmmaker the ability to influence their impression on the scene. This is by picking specific parts and details

Importance of Good UX Design

UX stands for User Experience and is a terminology used inside design procedures. Areas such as web design, app development, software and even product design all make use of UX. User experience makes sure the product being designed makes se

Narrative Structures

After a lecture this week about the concept of narratives, it got me thinking about the different components that are strung together to make a story what it is. A traditional narrative structure is the classic narrative. This is built upon

Composition Tips

After studying photography at A-level for a number of years and afterwards carrying it on as a hobby, I have learnt a lot about how to compose the scene for a more pleasing effect. As someone who is still eager to learn more, I’m no master,


As a director, or someone organising a filming shoot, there are a hundred and one things that you must consider before picking up your camera and start filming. In the workshop today, we tried to note down all the different responsibilities